Frequently Asked Questions

What is interdisciplinary education?

Interdisciplinary education, a blended learning model, is an approach in which two or more disciplines collaborate in the learning process with the goal of enhancing the practice of each discipline, particularly when reinforced by project-based learning, applied studies, and technology. While most schools break up their school day by subjects, blended learning  puts the subjects together, reflecting real-world application. This results in long-term comprehension and therefore in higher test scores. Separating right brain subjects from left brain subjects, and giving each their own days, allows students to focus.

What does the average school day schedule look like?

After Shacharit, the students have Judaic Studies courses, lunch, and then more Judaics, covering 9 different subjects spread out throughout the school week. From 1:30 to 4:30, students have blocks of either STEM or Humanities. Art classes take place at the nearby Miller School of Art and athletics take place at the school-adjacent SANCA.

What about college acceptance?

College acceptance is a Derech Emunah priority. Students are required to take their PSATs Sophomore year, and their SATs and ACTs Junior year. Students whose scores are below average will have the school-provided opportunity to study and improve, with enough time to retake these exams in the summer before the start of their Senior year, enabling swifter and more complete college applications. In addition, minimum GPAs are required from quarter to quarter in order for students to move on in each subject, addressing any academic issues in a continuous and attentive manner. Representatives from seminaries and universities will be brought in to speak to and interview the students.

What if my daughter has never learned Judaic Studies before?

Derech Emunah classes are differentiated, addressing multiple levels in one classroom. Potential students will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to prepare a proper course of action to accelerate the process of catching up.

Can I visit?

Visits must be scheduled in advance with Rabbi Engelsberg

How do I register?

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