Get to Know Derech Emunah

Derech Emunah is an all-girls Jewish High School in Seattle, Washington, with a focus on progressive education, intensive Judaics, and STEM.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Rabbi Michael Cohen

Head of School. Has Semicha from Yeshivat Nishmat Avraham Rabbinical College, and the Cheif Rabbis of Israel.  He started his teaching career in The Menorah Academy in Edmonton Alberta in 1993 and then in Seattle in 1996 at the Northwest Yeshiva High School. From 2002- 2018 Rabbi Cohen served as a Rabbi in Detroit, first at Keter Torah, The Sephardic Community of Greater Detroit, and then in 2008 at Young Israel of Oak Park. Rabbi Cohen brings a unique perspective to Highschool education gleaned from many years of community involvement and teaching. 

Rabbi Bresler

Teaches Halacha. Rabbi Bresler studied at Yeshiva Derech Ayson in Far Rockaway, N.Y. and Yeshivat Mir in Jerusalem before earning his Semicha from Rabbi Noach Weinberg at Aish Hatorah. He continued his post graduate studies at the Jerusalem Kollel under Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovitz. Rabbi Bresler moved to Seattle in 2004 and taught in the Seattle Kollel for over 10 years. He is now teaching Judaic studies at Torah Day School and Derech Emunah.

Mrs. Yael Shapira

Teaches Algebra I and Geometry. She was born and raised in Santiago, Chile, where she earned her bachelor degree in Architecture from Mayor University. Before moving to Seattle in 2014 Mrs. Schapira taught Judaic studies and art at the Maimonides School in Santiago. Mrs. Schapira loves to spend time with her family, take long walks in the neighborhood parks and to teach.

Mrs. Jessica Hoffman

Teaches General Studies: Humanities,  English Lit, Writing/Editing, Social Studies, and Public Speaking. She grew up in Seattle, WA, then earned a BA in English Literature from Stern College for Women. Mrs. Hoffman worked in NY as a book editor, and has been an informal teen educator for the past 9 years. She loves to read, CrossFit, and work with teenagers.

Mrs. Aliza Genauer

Judaic Studies, is teaching Jewish History, Mishlei and Parsha. She grew up in Teaneck, NJ, where she attended Bruriah High School, then graduated with a BS from Stern College for Women. Mrs. Genauer and her husband, who have 3 children, have worked behind the scenes of education for many years, and she is pleased to now be in the classroom, working directly with students.

Mr. Stephen Fast

Teaches a once a week class on financial responsibility based on a curriculum developed specifically for high school girls by Mesila. Mr. Fast has a BA in Mathematics from Swarthmore College and an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of Business. He has worked in a variety of positions in the financial world for over 3 decades, most recently as a financial advisor with the firm of Waddell & Reed.

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